Sleeping in a 16 Wheeler Truck

Some of these new big rigs look like hotels inside. The only thing I disapprove of this is that’s a brand new truck why don’t you show them what the old ones look like that most of the semi drivers are sleeping in.

Brand new Volvo that has all the add-on that cost extra so most drivers don’t have them second either he is lying about the mattress being super comfortable or he doesn’t have the standard mattress that comes in the truck third he has no other trucks around him to the point that they have roped off the space around him. I would love to experience this level of comfort , the might be my only comforter.

I remember the first nice OTR in a freight liner trying to sleep with my co driver driving, it takes awhile to get used to the rough roads, and one night nothing, try a month, and then you only get 3 or 4 days break from the truck.

By the way I don’t love Volvos, not because the community hates them in general, but Ive driven almost each modern truck, besides that mack natural gas bomb truck, and i cant stand Volvo, but i will take one over a pro star, those truck will kill someone, especially there auto trucks.