Psychiatrist Diagnosis Without Interview

Any psychiatrist or other physician who attempts to evaluate and diagnose any individual without even having a personal interview and examination with that person does not meet the highest standards of the medical professional and should be removed from that profession and have their license to practice medicine revoked. The medical profession also has very high standards.

A trained psychiatrist could not look at Charles Manson or any other individual and make a diagnosis without an interview and medical exam done in person with that individual. It is not about me or any of my training. It is about the medical standards adhered to by medical professionals. Those standards, minimum standards, were created by those medical professionals themselves. If you have a problem with that you need to take it up with the medical standards boards of our 50 states. This guy is not adhering to those standards and just like the high standards he imposed in the military by taking away someone’s ratings, his rating, if you will, professional license should be revoked because he is not adhering to those minimum standards. If he believes someone is not qualified because of what they say on social media then what he advocates on social media should count for him too. You seem to make assumptions just like this guy. What makes you think I am a layman? You have no idea what my profession is as I have not listed it on Facebook.