diaper change

Prevent Diaper Rash – Don’t Ask for Baby Consent

I think preventing diaper rash is more important than waiting till a baby can learn to talk …. people need to stop trying to create unnecessary drama in the world shoot we can hardly get some parents to remember to take their children out of car seats in the summer let’s just start there first. I hate when my baby gets a diaper rash and I’m rushing to find best diaper rash cream to sooth my babys bum.

Mom it just comes naturally to talk my kids through whatever I’m doing. I always thought of it as part of teaching them how to talk and understand what I’m doing and why it’s necessary. It’s just normal every day life for us. It’s sad that this doesn’t come naturally to some parents.

When I tell him honey I am going to change your diaper or clean your face or nose ect.. He lets me more easily and more often and with less fuss! I was beyond amazed! He would scream bloody murder when I cleaned his nose.. Now he will stop and pause for about 10 seconds to let me!

While they’re babies, I walk around and just say whatever I’m doing. “Mommy’s making coffee, this is mommy’s blue cup, we are walking into the living room” not necessarily that deliberate every time, but it helps them associate the action with the words

If a child is in diapers they are too young to have the mental capacity to understand consent in the first place. If they can understand your question and answer with understand then they probably need to be potty trained, or working in that direction

Even if the baby cries or wiggles away to indicate “no”, or if they’re a little older and are capable of saying “no”, they’ll still have to be changed regardless. We’re going to ask you if we can change your diaper to teach you that you have the right to say “no”, but people are still going to go against your wishes anyway. In the case of diaper changes, no means yes, like it or not.
My consent is my baby screaming because they won’t like having a dirty diaper on, or they peed so much it’s leaking out, or Lord forbid they get a blow out. Are we supposed to ask if we can place one on to? Because most kids I know, mine included will respond with a no and run away and poop somewhere