Pay to Learn? Or Learn For Free Online

I teach mastering drawing on Tablets, online and many of my students say that although they can find free stuff online, they can’t find feedback online for mistakes they make and therefore can hardly correct these mistakes, so they don’t feel like they truly progress.I can also recommend the best tablet for drawing.

When there is someone who has more knowledge than you and can show you the way to take instead of having a bunch of random information, people are willing to pay, especially after they see the progress themselves. That is why our students never regret paying to learn how to use drawing tablets with us.

As a consultant, presenter and trouble shooter of many years experience, l have found that providing short and punchy talks and solutions to problems, in addition to the points you raised, has the following marketing advantages:

It places me and keeps me, in front of mind of my potential clients.

It demonstrates my knowledge, skills, ability and very importantly my presentation and troubleshoot abilities.

It plants the seed of the idea, if he gives this away, just what could he do for me, if l was paying for it.

Lastly and importantly, it is not a one way street, l learn from them about what are their current problems and l get to trial various solutions.