Top 10 Best Washing Machines Of Up To 6 Kg (Electrolux, Mueller And More)

Top 10 Best Washing Machines of up to 6 kg (Electrolux, Mueller and more)

Who live alone often have some difficulty to find the ideal washing machine for your needs. After all, there are many models on the market and the majority are large appliances. Equipment are more geared to meet the families.

Today, however, has increased the number of smaller machines designed for singles. They are different models with varying features. To help in the washing machine of choice that best matches their expectations, we prepared a ranking of the top 10 models in the market. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Washing Machine up to 6 kg

Traditional brands in the large washers market, such as Electrolux, also manufacture small-sized devices. This in a segment that still has companies like Mueller, Wanke and Praxis. With our help you know the best designs in order to make a good choice. Come with us!

Select the type of agreement Washing Machine with Practicality

Who goes in search of a washing machine is faced with various types: Automatic, six pack, Mini Washer, Wash and Dry. The difference between them is given in size and the clothes washing process.

Most semi-automatic washing machine using vortex system. Some have a scrubber reminiscent of the traditional tanks and service areas are called six pack. The tanquinhos not centrifuge, but there are already models that have coupled centrifuge.

The tanquinhos offer few extra resources, the water level is set manually and the panel is mechanical. Moreover, has no centrifugal, wet clothes do well and should be twisted by hand. The advantage of these machines is that they are much cheaper and economical than the other models.

The automatic washing machine does it all alone! These machines have several pre-programmed cycles to determine how hard the washing, rinsing and spinning, as well as the water filling machine. Most still pours soap and fabric softener at the right time. Then just switch the laundry on the clothesline!

These machines may have front and upper openings. Also usually have an agitator at the center of the drum and the side holes in order to spin the laundry. The centrifuge causes the clothes from a machine with low humidity, which reduces the drying time on the line.

These machines are more expensive than tanquinhos and its cycles take longer because they have more steps. But the advantage is never having to twist clothes! If you live in an apartment or other property with little space, you will have a great ally in the centrifuge.

With the front opening, the washed and dried dryer machines have a function that allows the skirt longer ready to move. Drying is not as efficient as a conventional dryer, and is much more time consuming, but it is a super useful feature if you live in very humid or cold places.

A mini washer can be installed even in bathrooms! There are models with only 30 cm wide. These machines have spent much reduced water and energy. However, for wash only 3 kg or less, are more suitable as complementary machine for underwear or baby clothes.

Prefer machines with more than 5 kg for Couples

Top 10 Best Washing Machines Of Up To 6 Kg (Electrolux, Mueller And More)

To find the best washing machine for your home, it is important to consider the amount of laundry and how often you want to wash. The estimated amount of dirty clothes a person per day and 1.5 kg, ie, a couple can have 3 kg of laundry in just 1 day.

So if you buy a machine with 3 kg capacity or less may have to wash clothes every day. Therefore, if two people washing clothes, or preferably 5 to 6 kg of machines. If you just go wash your underwear or just baby clothes, a mini washer is enough.

Procel Informa Water and Energy Expenditure

An important factor when buying a washing machine is to know how much it spends energy and water. Observe whether the device has the Procel is a good guarantee of quality and to impart consumption. There are all the information you need!

The letter “A” on the seal represents the best level of energy efficiency within each category, so stay tuned to the numbers. If the consumption of water and energy is lower, you will be saving and paying less on their monthly bills.

Remember to Check the available space in the Service Area

Top 10 Best Washing Machines Of Up To 6 Kg (Electrolux, Mueller And More)

It is very practical to have a good service area, is not it? Having an organized space helps maintain a clean home and clean clothes. So be sure to measure the available location for the installation of the machine and check the dimensions of the product you wish to purchase.

Calculating the space you avoid the inconvenience of staying with tight service area or even have to change your brand new washing machine. Oh, and as some small apartments do not have service area, make sure the washer fits under a kitchen counter or even in the bathroom.

Washing Machines with Front Opening Longer Silent

One of the differences between the washing machine basket is in the opening position. The vertical models with top opening, are the most common in Brazil. These models are cheaper and have the advantage that you can open the lid at any time to put more clothes.

Machines with front opening are more sophisticated and have more features such as automatically calculate the amount of water that will be used in accordance with the amount of clothing inside. Moreover, they are much quieter, ideal for small apartments.

Top 10 Best Washing Machines to 6 kg

As you saw, the small clothes washing machines have various technical details that differentiate one from the other. For a little more help with your purchase, we did a ranking of the top 10 products on the market. Check out!

Table Comparison of the Best Washing Machines up to 6kg

Top 10 Best Washing Machines Of Up To 6 Kg (Electrolux, Mueller And More)
Top 10 Best Washing Machines Of Up To 6 Kg (Electrolux, Mueller And More)
Top 10 Best Washing Machines Of Up To 6 Kg (Electrolux, Mueller And More)

Washing machine Popmatic

Washing machine LCM

Washing Machine Mini Duo

Washing machine LCT

Maquina de Lavar Petit

Washing Machine Plus

Washing Machine Traditional

Washing machine Super Star Clothing

Washing machine Tank Pop

Washing Machine Lis

How to Clean Your Washing Machine

For your washing machine right to work is good always keep it clean. Do clean the appliance is not anything complicated, however, it is quite simple. To clean the manufacturers advise using a soft cloth with warm water and mild soap.

Just past the cloth that she will be quite clean. But be sure to remove excess soap with a clean cloth. As for the internal cleaning first thing is to remove all the laundry. Then you must pour a pint of bleach in the basket and complete washing program.

Looking for a Greater machine? Do not Stop Check Our Indications

Read the article and found that need a machine with more than 6 kg? Then see our top 10 with the best washing machines 8.5 kg or more. It abs, and even automatic machine wash and dry. Just click on the following link!

We hope our tips have helped at the time of your purchase. Those of small sized washing machines differ a lot and you need to research well before making the deal. See what the unit must have to meet their needs.

Selected the best models in the market to assist in choosing an efficient and priced product that fits in your pocket. It does not fail to visit us again if you have further questions about washing machines or any other product!

by Claudine dos Reis Moreira