Top 10 Best Ups

Top 10 Best UPS to Buy in 2020

Nobreaks are very important to keep your electrical appliances always protected against voltage variations and fluctuations in voltage. Also called UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), batteries have to continue to feed other devices in case of power outage.

In this article, we explain everything you need to know before buying your, as the differences between the types of power supplies, forms of output waves and battery capacity. Not only that, but also prepared a ranking of the top 10 nobreaks to the market. Let’s start?

UPS or stabilizer? Understand the Differences!

Top 10 Best Ups To Buy In 2020

It is common for people to mistake stabilizers and no-breaks or even feel that they are different names for the same device. A major reason for this is that the uninterruptible power supply includes the stabilizing feature, which is to stabilize the voltage, protecting the electronics of the voltage oscillations.

However, the UPS goes beyond that, with technology that not only protects the electronics of these variations and light falls, but also serve as filters. With this, a “clean” energy is transferred to the electronics that are connected, contributing to have longer useful lives.

But the big difference is the UPS has internal batteries that in case of total power loss keeps the devices connected for a few minutes. Because of this, no-breaks tend to be heavier and more expensive than stabilizers, which is offset by greater protection and security they offer.

How to Choose the Best UPS

The uninterruptible power supply is an important issue not only for the safety of your electronics, but also to ensure that you do not lose your work in case of a sudden power outage, it is useful both at home and at work. now understand the main characteristics of nobreaks to make the right purchase!

Choose the Power Method As the need and cost

Nobreaks are divided into three main categories: standby (or offline), online and interactive line. The technology makes each have different runs, which also influences their prices and how much energy they consume. Read on and find out which is right for you!

Standby UPS, also called offline, is the cheapest of the three types. The main reason this is to have simpler circuits, which also contributes to energy consumption is lower. Overall, it’s an easy model to find and enough for home use.

A however is that your battery does not operate continuously, and only activated in case of power outage. During this alternation there is an energy gap that can be a risk to sensitive devices. So, consider the type of electronic that will be connected to the uninterruptible power supply before making your purchase.

Unlike standby, the online UPS maintains its always-on battery for filtering power. This prevents any energy gap, the main purpose of the uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Thus, the energy sent to the computer will always be stable and clean.

No wonder this is the kind of more expensive UPS and also end up consuming more energy. Its use is recommended for businesses that need maximum protection for your servers are always running or for those using more sensitive equipment.

While the way the standby deal with power outages compromises battery life, the online keeps in use all the time to provide an ever-constant voltage to the devices. But the line interactive UPS operates as a middle ground between the other two categories.

Why not eliminate the power disruption as does online is not as suitable for data centers, for example. But still takes advantage of the standby by having an automatic voltage regulator (AVR), very efficient in maintaining constant voltage even with the oscillations coming from the mains.

Sinusoidal waves Ensure Compatibility with the Power Grid

Top 10 Best Ups To Buy In 2020

Nobreaks can use two waveforms in power output: sine or square. The electricity that comes to our homes have a standard sine wave and, therefore, most electronic devices are compatible with this format.

Nobreaks can correct minor fluctuations in waves, but except for the most modern models online, can not turn waveforms. So, although they are cheaper models with square wave bring a risk to electronics. Prefer sine waves for added security.

There is also the approximate sine wave (PWM) that in case of power failure no longer has the sinusoidal shape and becomes square. It is a slightly more economical option that works well for simple devices, but is not suitable for more powerful PCs, laser printers, gates, among others.

The Power Must Be Sufficient to Support the Connected Devices

To ensure that the UPS will support all connected devices, it is important to check the number of devices and the power consumption of each. The power of the uninterruptible power supply, measured in watts (W) or volt-amperes (VA) must always be greater than the sum of the consumption of all electronics used.

The greater the power, the greater the battery life and the UPS uptime in the event of power outage. In general, the higher the amount and consumption of connected devices, the lower the battery life time. Pay special attention to this point not to miss in shopping!

Choose voltages input and output Compatible with your devices

The input voltage is one of the first features to be checked before buying any electronic device to ensure it is compatible with the mains voltage. Nobreaks typically have automatic multi-voltage input, but in some cases may be only 110 or 220 V.

Since the output voltage is that the UPS transfers to electronic connected. In order not to suffer any damage, it is essential that the input voltage of the uninterruptible power supply apparatus is within the output voltage range. There are also dual voltage models and in various ranges, such as 91-143 V and 174-272 V.

Choose nobreaks with functions Extras for Even More Benefits

The vast majority of nobreaks available in the market have ways of getting useful information to the user. The most common visual indicator is the LED lights. Depending on the displayed color, it indicates whether there is any abnormality in the power supply or when the battery is charging, for example.

Newer models have displays with more accurate data as input and output voltages, and battery autonomy, among others. Audible alerts are present in almost all models and inform, for example, when the battery needs to be replaced. always see what each UPS offers!

Now that you know the main features of a UPS as well as the different types available in the market and what situation are more suitable, we will present the selection of the top 10 nobreaks. It is worth mentioning that all products have audible alarm. Check out!

Top 10 Best Ups To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Ups To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Ups To Buy In 2020

Comparison Leaderboard nobreaks

Manager III Senoidal OF 700 VA

Nobreak Rack Premium Hot-Swap Senoidal

UPS Universal Sine 3200 VA

Easy UPS On-Line SRV RM

Nobreak Standby Series

Now that you know better the operation and the different types of UPS available in the market, just check carefully which electronic devices will be connected so you can choose the most appropriate model safely.

Think about which of the three types of UPS best suits your need and budget, not forgetting to check the shape of the waves and the power is enough for what you need. Now just choose the items of our ranking! What are you waiting to leave your electronics protected?