Top 10 Best Sandpaper’S Claw

Top 10 Best Sandpaper’s claw to Buy in 2020

It has an accessory that does not go out of style in time to keep the beautiful nails and well-cared for: a nail file! In addition to saving any chipped nail, the sandpaper also make the uniform format and delicate, just the way that every woman loves. But, after all, you know how to choose that item so popular?

Glass models, metal and traditional paper, it is normal to be in doubt, but the answer is in the desired finish and in the kind of nail. Brands like Oceane, Kiss New York and Tweezerman offer great options, so are in our ranking with the top 10 market nail files.

How to Choose the Best Nail Sandpaper

Choose sandpaper according to the type is the first step so that your nails become beautiful, but for this, you should check some details. Understand, then, why the shape, material, thickness and finish you seek are so important to your purchase.

Select the type of agreement with the sandpaper finish Desire

Top 10 Best Sandpaper'S Claw To Buy In 2020

The sandpaper basically play two functions: adjust the length and shape of the nails, or polishing the surface, so as to level and give more shine to the nails. To hit the choice, consider what finish you’re looking for, or opt for models with two functions are complementary.

Traditional and well-known, the sandpaper with function to adjust the size of the nails are the main market. They may have different materials such as paper, metal and glass, and should be used to give shape to your nails, leaving them uniforms and pretty good.

Already the sandpaper to polish, are made of foam and have sides with different degrees of abrasiveness and texture. They are recommended for those with ripple and want even nails. Despite being a smooth model, be careful when using it because the excess polish can weaken nails.

Choose Material More Suitable for your type of nail

The nail files are produced in different materials, such as paper, metal and glass. In addition to confirming whether the material is suitable for your nail, also know that each of these models has prices ranging and durability. Keep an eye to hit squarely in the choice!

cardboard made of sand granules, the sanding paper are widely known in the market, mainly because it can be used in any kind of nail. This model has a more lisinha part and the other rough, more abrasive, so be careful not to put too much force, huh?

Super cheap, paper sandpaper should be changed at least every 3 months. They fulfill very well the function of shaping the nails to the desired shape, either square nail, round nail, or the new darlings, dancer and nail nail stiletto. Moreover, they are very effective in brittle nails.

Perfect for those with thick and resistant nails, metal scrapers can wear the nails very easily and quickly, so you do not need a lot of strength in time to use them. Produced with a textured metal, they are considered super durable.

The material is great because it allows for easy cleaning, so you avoid the risk of contaminating your sandpaper with fungi and bacteria. It is worth investing in this type of sandpaper to leave in the bag, as they do not break and allow you to equalize the size of the nails quickly in an emergency.

Especially for those with fragile nails, glass abrasives are a great choice. As they shape your nails smoothly, you can make finishing well defined, especially at the tips of the nails. Excellent for making nails and stiletto dancer.

Its effect is less abrasive, so it can be used in the most delicate nails. In all models, this is the most difficult to find in Brazil with the highest value, but worth it, because the glass abrasives are super durable. Just do not drop on the floor!

The foam body leaves the flexible sanding, easy to be used both hands as feet. Some abrasives have foam granules with four sides, more abrasives and other less abrasive, and can be used for sanding, grinding, polishing and removing protrusions.

Its use is essential before the application of false nails, acrylic, glass or gel fiber. The sanding block foam strip the corrugations of the nail, causing the nail best surrogate paste on the natural nail. Just be careful not to abuse, as this may end up leaving the weakest nail.

Check Sandpaper Format: Straight, Curved or Diamond?

The abrasive strips 3 have shapes: straight, curved diamond. To choose, you should consider whether to polishing or milled and will use it in the natural nails or false. Straight scrapers are the most traditional, super easy to use, suitable for shaping natural nails.

Already the diamond abrasives have to give function polish to natural nails and are mainly used before the application of false nails. While the curves serve to minimize imperfections sanding and polishing stronger materials such as gel nails, false and fiberglass.

Analyze the thickness of Sandpaper: Thin to Thick finish and for wearing the nails

Top 10 Best Sandpaper'S Claw To Buy In 2020

Described on the packaging or product information, the thickness of the sandpaper should be considered before purchase. Fine sandpaper are recommended to model the shape of the nails and make small adjustments, so they are ideal for natural nails and for the most delicate and fragile.

Already thick and medium sandpaper, less known in the market, they wear the length of the nail easily, because they are more abrasive. They are suitable especially for those who use artificial nails, such as acrylic, fiberglass, and false, and for persons with very resistant nails.

In addition, some brands indicate the granulation of sandpaper: the higher this value, the finer the sandpaper will be. An option with granulation 180 is very thin, so it is ideal for natural nails. Already sandpaper with grain 100 is thicker, so it must be used with artificial nails.

Top 10 Best Nail File

Ready to give the best sanding market nails? Below, you will find great choices, made with different materials and formats, to suit all types of nail. In addition, sandpaper know recommended both to model how to polish your beautiful nails. Come on!

Top 10 Best Sandpaper'S Claw To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Sandpaper'S Claw To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Sandpaper'S Claw To Buy In 2020

Comparison of Best Sandpaper’s Claw

Nail file to Finish Nails

Nail files Glass Professional

Metallic nail file Basic

Nail file 4 in 1 Extra Shine

A nail file for a small

Sandpaper Nails Studio A Banana

A sanding block Polidor Phases 4 Hollow

A sanding H. Diamond Nails

Do You Know How Sanding the nails?

Sand the nail properly is a very important step in caring for your hands anyway so they grow healthy and strong, you know? If the nails are not molded with care, they can become weak, brittle and chipped up more easily.

First choose the format you want: Square nail, round nail, nail dancer, stiletto nail or any other format that is fashionable. Then adjust the desired length and start to shape without applying too much force on the sandpaper to not wear and weaken your nails.

Although most women adopting the movement “back and forth” with sandpaper, the secret is to avoid it. By shaping the nails in one direction, you avoid the separation of its layers and still manages to seal its tip, thus preventing the nail to chip. Just a little practice to get it right!

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Understanding how to choose an accessory as important greatly facilitates our care, is not it? Now that you know what to consider, such as the material and the format for sure will make a great choice of nail file, suitable for your type of nail and the finish you want.

If you know someone who does your nails at home and did not even know all the options available sanding enter our article and facilitate self-care of that dear friend. After checking the ranking and all the tips, nail care even easier, with a guarantee of an incredible result!