Top 10 Best Padlocks Bike

Top 10 Best Padlocks Bike to Buy in 2020

These days, in which much is said about wellness and sustainability, the bicycle has become a means of transportation increasingly used. And when it comes to bike, it is also important to consider security in its use, is not it?

So today let’s talk about an important item to take care of your bike: the padlock to store safely. It is an important investment and should be chosen carefully. In the market for brands like Atrio, U-Lock and Abus. We did a ranking of the top 10 padlocks for biking. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Lock Bike

There are different types of locks for bicycles. It is important to know the characteristics of each to find out which is the most suitable to store your bike safely.

Choose Lock Type Thinking of Security and Usability

To keep its prey bike safely there are three options on the market. U latches are also known as “U-locks” the current and SWR. Each has its specificities. Let us know a little more.

Top 10 Best Padlocks Bike To Buy In 2020

The U-lock is stronger and thicker type. When one thinks of the possibility of theft, surely this is the lock that will give (much) more work. Thus, the ability to break into it is low. It is very efficient to fix the bicycle frame in a fixed structure.

The disadvantage of this type of lock is that it is somewhat heavy and difficult to transport. To increase security you can use a chain or another handle to secure the wheels. One method is to help lock the frame with a padlock and cable type lock the wheels with the U frame.

Being rigid, the latch in U can not be caught in a very thick pillar and due to friction with the parts of the bicycle may damage their painting. Some are coated with silicone to minimize this type of damage. Consider using it along with other locks.

Top 10 Best Padlocks Bike To Buy In 2020

Compared with the latches to U, the current is slightly weaker. However, they are easier to use. They are more flexible and there are models of different sizes. It is recommended for those who want a durable material and allows to fix the bike easily.

To fix your bike with a chain in a thin structure, you will need a 60 cm or more. For trees, poles or thicker, bet greater length in m. Remember that the higher the current, the greater its weight and harder to carry.

Top 10 Best Padlocks Bike To Buy In 2020

Padlocks steel cable are usually thinner, lightweight and very portable. However, its strength is lower compared to other types. They are ideal for use in safer areas or in combination with other lock types. Perfect for attaching removable parts, such as wheels.

Generally, steel cables have a rubber cover to protect the bike paint. When buying this equipment is also important to consider the size. Prefer those with at least 60 cm for ease of use.

Check the padlock Security Level

Top 10 Best Padlocks Bike To Buy In 2020

It can be a little difficult to assess whether a padlock is safe or not. So some brands inform the security level of their products within a certain range. Imported products are usually rated on a scale of 1 to 15, 15 being the safest. However, this can vary between brands.

If the mark does not inform the security level, try checking the thickness of the cable or chain. The thicker, more secure is the lock. fragile lock models usually have less than 4 mm. For steel cables and latches U, prefer models with more than 10 mm thick.

Padlocks with key or secret? Choose Wondering what is More Convenient for You

Top 10 Best Padlocks Bike To Buy In 2020

Thinking about the security of your lock, the lock by key is a bit safer than the secret, it is more difficult to compromise. However, as most of the theft is done by breaking the chain or cable, this is a benefit that can be indifferent. To choose the best option is to think about what is most practical for you.

Padlocks with key has the disadvantage of requiring you to always carry the key with you. As for the models with code, just decorate the sequence of numbers that you will not go through difficulty. On the other hand, it can be a little hard to see the password in dark places. Consider these points and make your choice.

To facilitate transportation, Choose Padlocks Light and Support

A very important factor you should consider when choosing the ideal padlock is the weight of the product. Being a device that you will carry on your bike, it’s best to choose one that is light and facilitates its transport, without disturbing your pedaling!

In general, the locks with more than 1 Kg often hinder longer rides. Then opt for heavier only when they offer greater security. Some weigh less than 500 g and will require you to take less effort on the bike.

Top 10 Bike Locks

Now that you know what factors to consider when choosing the lock for your bike, it was easier to make your choice. And to help you ride more smoothly, we raise the best options. Check out!

Comparison Leaderboard Padlocks Bike

Lock for bicycle Abus Granit 460

Padlock Abus Level 06

Lock for bicycle 60cm with key

Padlock Onguard Neon 8154 U-lock Wired

Bike lock with key

U-lock and key lock

Padlock Linked MaxTrava

To lock Abus Bicycle Chain Web 1500/60 Key

Bike lock with key

Bike lock with password

How Hold your bike?

To secure your bike safely, first choose a fixed structure which is allowed to hold the biclicleta. Because they are lightweight, they are easy to steal, so it’s important to choose a fixed structure such as railings, fences and poles. Always check if it is allowed to keep the bike on the venue.

That done, it is important to lock the frame. In some bikes it is very easy to remove the tires, so that if you hold only the wheels, the rest of the structure can be stolen. So, especially if you have an expensive bike, hold the tires and the frame.

Therefore, it is recommended to use more than one lock, holding the bike along its entire length, with lock use U and cables, for example. Thus, the latch holding the rear wheel and the frame, the cable while holding the front wheel. To provide even more security, one can attach a cable to the lock U.

Now you know what you need to choose the best lock for your bike, after all these days security is everything. Use our recommendations, choose the best for you to lock and ride around with tranquility. And when there be any doubt go back here and check out our tips!