Top 10 Best Lip Balms

Top 10 Best Lip Balms to Buy in 2020

Whether in winter or summer, the use of lip balms is essential to our lips do not suffer from dryness and cracking. In cold low temperatures tend to be enemy hydration. And in the summer, the sun and the intense wind end up contributing to dryness. So it is important to always take good care of your lips and apply lip balms regularly.

Brands like Granado, Clinique and Natural Element are always launching new products. But amid so many options just confused in this paradise Lip balms. If this is the case, rest assured! Below we explain how to choose the ideal product. We also created a ranking of the top 10 lip balms on the market. Keep reading!

Top 10 Best Lip Balms To Buy In 2020

Lip balm is a type of ointment which, like cocoa butter, is used to protect the lips of low temperatures and wind. That is, both are used for similar purposes, but have very different potential. That’s because, in addition to protect lips in winter, some lip balms also protect them from the sun, since most of them have FPS.

But the lip balm conquer even the hearts of consumers because it is developed with ingredients that give it high ability to moisturize and nourish the lips. Among the principal ingredients that comprise the formulas of the lip balms include: moisturizers butters, vegetable oils 100% natural antioxidant vitamins (C and E) and collagen.

These ingredients ensure that, after the application, the user already feel one hell of a difference in the texture of the lips. In the long term, then, the effect only increases is tenderness in the right! In addition, lip balms are made of colorless and colored versions. Versions with color and have natural colors and are ideal for giving that corzinha lips, replacing lipstick on a daily basis.

How to Choose the Best Lip Balm

Factors such as formulation, solar and color protection factor, is essential when choosing a good lip balm. Below, we detail each of these factors. So keep an eye out.

Stick or little pot? Choose Balm Format for Usability

Top 10 Best Lip Balms To Buy In 2020

You will find lip balms in 2 formats: stick or in pots. The lip balms sticks are easier to open and go at any time. pots of them often require the use of brushes or you wash your hands before application. So, in the question the practicality bat balms win triggered.

However, it is very common that the products stick melt in warmer weather, end up breaking and making a mess. In those days, the balms of pots end up being much better. In addition, the products in pots tend to be more fluid. So, they are absorbed more easily by the skin. The choice will then depend on the time of year and how much convenience you want.

Opt For Lip Balms Formulated with vitamins and moisturizers ingredients

Top 10 Best Lip Balms To Buy In 2020

The lip balm is a kind of ointment developed to be applied on the lips. It can be compared to our old known cocoa butter, but more moisturizing ingredients in their formula. Well at least in theory, as many versions of balms are just cute and cheirinhos and delicious flavors.

Not that these characteristics do not matter, but we want something more when we think of lip balm, right? After all, the main function of this product is to recover or prevent dryness of the lips. So it is important to check the ingredient list and choose the versions composed of butter and vegetable oils, beeswax, vitamin E and collagen, for example.

Give preference to Lip Balms that possess Sunscreen

Top 10 Best Lip Balms To Buy In 2020

These days, most people already know the harmful effects of UV rays, so it is increasingly concerned to protect the face and body. It’s a shame that often end up making the big mistake of neglecting the region of the lips. After all, protecting this area is essential not only to combat premature aging, but to prevent skin cancer.

The lips are even more vulnerable to UV rays than other regions of the skin. Therefore, the lack of adequate protection may result in cracking and peeling due to dryness and, in severe cases, blisters may also appear.

To facilitate routine and protection, many brands already insert the FPS in their balms, so you can moisturize and protect lips while. Ie has no excuse for neglecting the protection of the lips, does not it? It is noteworthy that the ultraviolet rays are discharged regardless of the time or the station, so you must protect even in cooler days.

Organic or Natural options are less aggressive to the skin

Unsurprisingly products with less chemical additives, ie, organic or natural, are better for the skin. After all, many of these additives end up decreasing the effectiveness of the product and even causing irritations and allergies. So many brands are already seeking to create formulas composed only by the best ingredients found in nature and less additives.

Both organic balms, how natural are developed from natural ingredients. However, to be considered natural balm is necessary that it has in its composition 100% natural raw materials and do not do animal testing. Since the organic must contain up to 5% natural ingredients and at least 95% of organic materials, ie produced without pesticides.

However, it is important to pay attention when buying this kind of product because Brazilian law is not so rigid as to the accuracy of that percentage. Thus, the guarantee that you will have to, in fact, certain product is natural or organic, is through the certification seal, as Ecocert and IBD. Look for these stamps!

Lip Balms Vegans Do Well to You and Animals

Top 10 Best Lip Balms To Buy In 2020

In addition to the natural and organic cosmetics, it has another category of products, vegans. They are used by people who have banned their lives products, to somehow generate animal suffering. So vegans balms have no animal ingredients, much less tested on animals.

A cosmetic vegan not necessarily be natural or organic. But most often, these features are, yes, together in a single product. It is noteworthy that to be sure of the origin of the product is important to check whether he has the certification seal, as the Brazilian Vegetarian Society or crueltyfree.

Choose Agreement Balm Color to Use

The lip balms can be colorless or colored, but what will be the best option? Well, it depends on your lifestyle, your personal taste and the place where you will use it. Below we will explain just right when choosing one or the other. Check out!

Colorless balms are great options for men, after all they also suffer from dry lips. Often for not finding balms colorless, they end up opting for cocoa butter, however, lip balms have a much higher amount of vitamins and moisturizing ingredients, thus providing more relief from dryness and deep hydration.

In addition, women who do not require the use of lipstick will also benefit with colorless balms, lipsticks have as many synthetic substances in their formulas, which end up causing dry lips. Therefore, it is interesting to use the lip balm before applying lipstick so your mouth is protected from possible irritations.

The lip balms with colors can easily replace the lipstick or gloss on a daily basis. So in addition to a product that moisturizes and protects from UV rays, you can also add color to your lips. Ie balms can add several functions in a single product, it is a very convenient!

Not to mention that to the options with stronger colors give a natural shade to the lips, leaving with that beautiful guy woke up, you know? Therefore, the balm can be used without fear in all environments. Whether in the gym, in college, at work, at happy hour with friends or even in the club he “falls” very well.

Top 10 Best Lip Balms to Buy Online

By now you’ve probably noticed that lip balms are essential, right? So now is the time to use all our tips and choose the perfect product for you. Check out the top 10 lip balms to buy online and then choose your own!

Comparison Table dosMelhores Lip balms

Replenishing Lip Lip Protector SPF 30

Lip Balm Pomegranate Raspberry Protetor Labial

Lip Balm Tangerine Lemon

Hidratante Labial Classic Lip Balm

Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm Roomiest Rose

Moisturizing Lip Balm

Protetor Solar Labial

Lip Balm Granado Passion

Tips for Using Lip Balm

Next, we’ll give some application tips of lip balm. They will help you to have the best effect and powerful product. Check out!

The Balm began to thaw? Then place in refrigerator for a Few Minutes

Some balms, especially natural or organic, such as Balm of Mineral Element may start to melt after some time of use. This is because natural ingredients are more sensitive to temperature. If this happens, place the product in the refrigerator for a few minutes it will return to its original shape. Also, be sure to keep it away from heat.

Use extra care with hygiene If Your Product Come in Cans or Potinhos

The little pot or tin packaging compels you to pick up the product with your fingertips or with a brush. In both cases it is important to take care with hygiene, if you choose to use your fingers, make sure they are clean, if you choose the brush do the same and wash it often search using neutral shampoo.

To maintain hydration Reapply Lip Balm 5 times daily

Despite the lip balm provide intense hydration, it can quickly get out of the lips, after its texture is not the most secure. But do not think evil of the product, the fact that he has not come from the lips to do with its quality, but with some actions taken throughout the day, such as talking, eating and drinking. So when you notice your lips drier, run and re-apply it.

But be careful, apply too much can harm your lips. So if you notice any need to reapply with more and more often, consider giving a break of a few days to his lips. In general, 5 daily applications usually a safe volume!

Rub the Balm in Fingers Before Applying it on Lips

Before applying lip balm on the lips, pass the product on the tips of the two index fingers and rub a tip at the other. This action serves to heat the product, so it moisturizing effect is potentiated when in contact with the lips. Basically the action of lip balm becomes more effective because when heated it is absorbed by the skin more easily.

Apply Balm in Vertical

It may seem strange to spend the lip product that position, after all we are used to pass balms or lipsticks in the opposite direction, right? But if you look carefully, you will notice that our lips have lines exactly upright and often they are cracked and deep scars. When applied in this position the penetration of the balm is deeper.

Already made to realize that options will not miss, right? It has lip balms for all tastes and pockets, not the boys get out of this. And you do not have to choose just one. Buy, for example, a colorless balm before lipstick to use in the club and a color to use on a daily basis. There are those that have SPF and protect you even more.

It’s vegan? Well, there are many really nice options on the market, it is best that most of them are also organic or natural. And do not forget to apply our tips on how to use the product, huh! So you can enhance the moisturizing and nourishing effect of the product.

Start entering this beauty item in your routine and give goodbye to chapped lips!