Top 10 Best Keyboards

Top 10 Best Keyboards to Buy in 2020 (mechanical, membrane and more)

Choose a keyboard may seem like a simple task but with the creation of new devices compatible with these peripherals, new concepts keyboards wired and wireless have emerged as well. There are even keyboards that can be used in many smartphones, tablets and computers at the same time! But do not worry and keep reading we explain you everything.

The domestic market is full of keyboards from brands such as Microsoft, Logitech, HyperX, Coolermaster, Razer and Multilaser. They are membrane keyboards, mechanical, semi-mechanical and more. So we decided to separate valuable tips so you do not get so lost. Diso addition, we made a top 10 with the best keyboards to buy online. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Keyboard

When buying a keyboard, a lot of people leave out some features that make a difference in everyday life. So first we will give you tips that will help you differentiate one product from another.

With or Wireless? Choosing the Device to Connect Want Agreement

When it comes to connection, are two existing types: wired connection and wireless connection. Choose your preferred type based on the following observations.

Top 10 Best Keyboards To Buy In 2020 (Mechanical, Membrane And More)

Despite the manufacturers usually use Bluetooth for wireless peripherals, you can find keyboards with owners receivers. If your keyboard connects via Bluetooth, it is easy to switch – depending on the version – the use of a smartphone and a tablet, for example. Already owners receptors may limit the use of experience.

As there is no type of cable on a keyboard of this type, it is very easy to keep it or carry it. However, all this has a price: the battery use. So stay tuned to this factor, since it is often decisive. Ideally, look for a device capable of spending months without any charge or battery change, for example.

Top 10 Best Keyboards To Buy In 2020 (Mechanical, Membrane And More)

Sacrificing the clean look of your table, wired keyboard has the advantage that it can be used immediately: just plug it into the USB port of your computer and put your hands dirty! In addition, the data transmission speed here is constant and faster, making this type of keyboard is more suitable for gamers.

Another positive point brought about by the use of cables is the absence of a battery. In other words, there is no need to worry about the device’s charge level, which receives power constantly. But not everything is perfect, since without the Bluetooth connection is difficult to connect the keyboard to a smartphone or tablet.

Be Alert to the keyboard Language Standard, the Brazilian is ABNT

Top 10 Best Keyboards To Buy In 2020 (Mechanical, Membrane And More)

The key standard (or layout) of a keyboard is extremely important for those who need to type quickly and accurately. And in Brazil, we have two types of layout adapted to our language: “ABNT” and “ABNT2”. We recommend using either of these, since there is almost imperceptible differences and both have the notorious key “C”.

If you plan to play games on the computer or do not plan to type long academic texts, you can use a keyboard in the American standard without much frustrating. But be warned here: the placement of some keys is different and the “C” key, widely used in our vocabulary, is not present.

Note If the keyboard has shortcut keys or numeric keys

In addition to the language standard, a keyboard can display other types of variations in your layout. Understand these differences in the following topics.

Top 10 Best Keyboards To Buy In 2020 (Mechanical, Membrane And More)

If you are the type of person who works with numbers and calculations, can not but have a keyboard with numeric keypad. Normally positioned to the right of the standard keys, the numeric keypad is usually discarded in some types of such products, as often occupy enough space on the table.

So if you have plenty of room on the table and does not intend to transpose the keyboard often recommend a full-size model, as it provides much more speed and convenience when working with calculations and numbers.

Top 10 Best Keyboards To Buy In 2020 (Mechanical, Membrane And More)

Some keyboard manufacturers choose to provide additional keys on the keyboard layout. On the left side of some of these peripherals, you can see the macro keys, which are usually accompanied by the letter “G”, and “G1”, “G2”, “G3” and so on. You can assign any function to macros, mostly a combination of keys.

In addition to macros, they can also be found the multimedia keys. More common, these additional keys let you control the volume of the speakers of a computer and even pause, rewind and fast forward music tracks. So, unless you want an extremely compact keyboard is a good to have certain types of shortcut keys.

The Practice of the Distance Influence Keys Directly in Your Accuracy

In general, the distance of actuation (or activation) of keys on a keyboard ranges from 1 mm to 3 mm. The smaller this value, the faster the recognition of the key by the computer – something that benefits professional gamers. On the other hand, a higher value can be useful if search precision and do not want to chat by mistake.

Ah! And one more tip that is also valid for this topic: pay attention to the spacing between the keys, as small keyboards too often uncomfortable to use. But just do not overdo it, as if the keys are very distant from each other your finger may end up pressing more than one.

Keyboard Membrane or Mechanical? Understand the Difference

In the domestic market, we have three types of keyboards: the membrane, mechanical and semi-mechanical. Find out what are the main differences between following them.

Extremely popular, membrane keyboards are present in the computer desk of almost every Brazilian. And the reason is simple: they are super baratinhos. So cheap that the long-term durability ends up being a weak point of this type of keyboard. But that does not mean they are not worth it.

If you’re not looking for a sense of pleasure as you type, you want to save some money or even prefer the feeling that the membrane – which looks like a type of rubber – brings you there is no better option on the market.

Almost opposite the membrane keyboards, mechanical keyboards are more expensive and use a different mechanism to trigger each key individually. If the first we have a “rubber mat” that identifies all the keys in this we have the “switches”, which basically are each button that is under the keyboard.

mechanical switches come in different colors: blue, brown, red and even black. Each color represents a different performance of distance and therefore a mechanical keyboard should be chosen by the color of your switch. While the blue engine has great depth and clicking noise, the red switch is, for example, shallow and does not generate audio feedback.

Perfect for those who are on the fence, semi-mechanical keyboards have intermediate performance and intermediate cost. Here, the keys are still membrane, but the way they are arranged simulate the feeling of click of a mechanical keyboard. This all, of course, without the use of special switches that increase performance and hence the price.

If you are looking for a keyboard that provides comfort mechanical keyboard but do not want to pay much more for it, opt for a semi-mechanical keyboard that you hardly regret.

Backlighting is a feature that saves the Night Typing

There is no denying: keyboards with backlighting LED are highly sought after. Besides being useful for people with nocturnal habits, the feature also appeals to those who simply want to impress friends and family with a light show. And if you want to go further, there are keyboards that light up to 16.8 million colors – RGB lighting.

Some more expensive keyboards bring to software that allow you to control the type of lighting, colors and pattern that they illuminate the keys. All this leaves its most beautiful table, but has little influence on performance or comfort.

Top 10 Best Keyboards Buy Online

Now that you know what makes a good keyboard, it’s time to go to battle and choose what will best satisfy you in your type work. We separate the best designs in based on the previously mentioned characteristics. So, check out the following our ranking with the top 10 keyboards to buy online retail stores in Brazil.

Comparison Leaderboard Keyboards

Mechanical keyboard MasterKeys Pro M RGB

Mechanical keyboard to Mars Games RGB

Mechanical keyboard Wireless Games for G613

Teclado Bluetooth K480 Multi-Device

Kit Keyboard and Mouse Wireless Desktop 2000

Wireless Keyboard K400 Plus TV

Semi-Mechanical Warrior TC208 keyboard

Kit Keyboard and Mouse Abyssus Cyclosa

Professional Laser Keyboard Warrior Gamer TC167

Kit Keyboard and Mouse Wireless 850

Looking Keyboard Gamer? Check Here!

Who is gamer knows that a standard keyboard is not enough to guarantee the necessary response time to win a game. Also, comfortable typing, LED lighting and technology such as “N-Key Rollover” and “anti-ghosting” are essential. Want to know more about it? Check out the article below!

A keyboard is only perfect if it meets your main needs. If you are someone who spends all day typing, the recommended is that your keyboard will last a lot and that is comfortable typing on it. These are typical characteristics of mechanical keyboards with keys, and these vary widely from color to color. So, understand how each works.

However, if you are a person who constantly exchange device performs operations in multitasking or need to carry the keyboard very often, the ideal is that it is wireless and compact. But again, without exaggerating the size: small keyboards are difficult to chat. And if you enjoyed our tips, keep an eye on the website for more!