Top 10 Best Engines Washing Clothes In 2020 (Brastemp, Consul And More)

Top 10 Best Engines Washing Clothes in 2020 (Brastemp, Consul and more)

The washing machine has become an indispensable appliance in homes. After all, nobody wants to have to wash clothes by hand, is not it? In addition to greatly facilitate the day to day, this product allows you to save time. The Brastemp machines are benchmark in the market, but brands such as Electrolux Consul and also have excellent models for all tastes and pockets.

Models has 8 kg 10 kg and up to 15 kilograms! There are also washing machines and dryers that leave the clothes ready to use! But with so many types on the market, which to buy? In this article, we join unmissable tips on how to choose the ideal washing machine for you. Also, you can check our ranking of the top 10 models on the market. Keep reading!

How to Choose the Best Clothes Washing Machine

Search washing machines on the Internet is often a confusing task. The variety of products with the same function, the washing, is huge. However, the characteristics of each model can vary greatly. That’s why we are here to help you understand these features and help you make the right choice. Come with me!

Choose By Type: Tanquinho, Washer or Wash and Dry

The washing machines are usually divided between simplest types, known tanquinhos; types with more features, simply referred to as washing machines; Models 2 and 1, also known as washed and dried. Understand the differences between them and find out what the best type for you.

Also known as semi-automatic washing machine, abs makes only part of the service, washing and rinsing. The very user must manually twist the clothes. Without spinning at the end of the process, drying of clothes tend to be longer. Moreover, it is common for the inlet and water outlet are triggered manually.

The washboard washing method using a vortex creating a kind of swirl with water. This method is great for cleaning heavier clothing as curtains and comforters.

One of the main advantages of tanquinhos is that they are much cheaper when compared to other types (automatic washing machine and wash and dry). Also consume less water and energy in the process. Some models have different wash programs as well as a compartment for laundry detergent and fabric softener.

The washing machine or automatic washing machine, makes service. Wash the centrifugation, from input to output of the water, everything is triggered automatically. As a result, the machine delivers readymade garments to be extended. Ideal for those who do not have much time to follow the washing process, or for those who do not want to twist the hand clothes.

To be a more complete machine, you need to make a greater investment if you want to have one of these at home. In addition, most delicate parts can be damaged, mainly due to the centrifugation process. Another aspect to consider is that washing machines usually larger than tanquinhos.

rainy or humid days make clothes take too long to dry and become smelly. Lack of space to extend them or the need for quick dry clothing. The wash and dry machines have come to address these issues. Common in cold places, they also make life easier for big families with a lot of clothes to wash and dry volume.

As the name suggests, this model meets washer and dryer on the same machine. It has automatic operation, the same as the conventional washing machine. The big advantage is precisely the possibility of drying clothes on the machine after centrifugation.

The disadvantage of lava and dry is the price. In addition, for drying the clothes, the machine consumes more energy, reflected in the account. Another detail is that the drying capacity tends to be smaller than the washability. That is, for washing and drying clothes in a same cycle, it is necessary to adjust the amount of clothing in accordance with the drying capacity of the machine.

Know the Differences of Opening Types

One thing you certainly noticed is that the washing machines have models with openings in different locations. The port location has a much larger role than just the place arises and removes the clothes. Let us know a little more?

Top 10 Best Engines Washing Clothes In 2020 (Brastemp, Consul And More)

The washing machines with top opening having vertical axis and using the wash system or vortex stirring. More common in tanquinhos, the turbulence causes a kind of swirl in the water, which causes friction between the clothes.

The method of agitation is done by a central piece, by rotating, causes the clothes to move up and down and come into friction with the agitator itself. The stirring system is the most aggressive to the clothes.

More compact, the upper slot machines do not compromise the frontal circulation. Another advantage is the possibility of opening the lid at any time, ideal for when you forgot some piece of clothing. This model is also interesting for people with physical limitations, such as the elderly, since it is not necessary to lower yourself to put or take the clothes inside.

This is the most popular model in Brazil. However, when compared to the model front opening (explained in the next section), it consumes a greater quantity of water during washing.

Top 10 Best Engines Washing Clothes In 2020 (Brastemp, Consul And More)

The model front opening washing machine having washing horizontal axis. The washing process is done using a tipping system where the clothes fall on top of each other, being washed by means of friction and impact between them.

This type of machine is more robust and therefore end up taking more space in the laundry room. In addition, the door opens forward, which requires an opening of space, besides demanding that the lower yourself person or curve to insert and remove the machine clothing. Except models with a special function, can not open the door during washing.

A major advantage of this model is that the washing process by tipping mugs less clothes. To complete the washing machines with horizontal axis washing realize the same amount of clothes in the machine upper opening up to three times using less water.

Washing machine 8kg, 10kg or 15kg? Calculate the capacity by Number of Users

Top 10 Best Engines Washing Clothes In 2020 (Brastemp, Consul And More)

The washing machines have different capabilities. The most common range from 4 to 16 kg. To choose the right capacity for your case, you can make a simple account. Multiply the amount of people in the house by 1.5 kg (estimated amount of clothing that a person uses per day). The result indicates the machine capacity recommended for you.

This number represents a minimum and may vary according to age and the activities of the members. If you live alone, a machine up to 7kg capacity will be more than enough. Already if your family is large, it is worth investing in a model with greater capacity.

Remember that the drying capacity of the washed and dried usually smaller than the capacity of the washing machine.

Keep an Eye on Energy Consumption: Prefer machines with Procel A!

Top 10 Best Engines Washing Clothes In 2020 (Brastemp, Consul And More)

Currently in Brazil, several appliances must contain the energy efficiency Procel. This label tells you how many kWh / month consumes the product. The classification of washing machines ranging from A to E, with A to the most efficient machines and E for the less efficient.

As the washing machine is a frequent use of the product (in some cases even daily), it is important to pay attention to this label and choose products efficiently A. This way you ensure a machine with less consumption of electricity, avoiding surprises in the account light.

For a Spin Efficient Like It Rpm, Best

Top 10 Best Engines Washing Clothes In 2020 (Brastemp, Consul And More)

By opting for a washing machine or a washer and dried, check the effectiveness of centrifugation. The value of revolutions per minute (rpm) directly influences how dry the clothes washing machine will. That is, the more revs, less water will remain in the tissues.

Although you can find models of up to 1400 rpm, machines with an rpm above 650 are sufficient to spin everyday clothes. If washing is often heavier parts such as coats and towels, which holds more water, prefer models with over 1000 rpm.

Keep in mind that the value of the rpm directly influences the machine price. That is, the higher the rpm, the more expensive the machine will be. Moreover, very high values ​​rpm will cause the skirt much wrinkled.

Do not Pass Choke! Before Buying, Measure the place where the machine You will be

Who has not bought a product that did not fit in the desired place? So it is important to measure the space where you want to place your machine and look at the dimensions of the product before buying it. If you choose a model front opening, be sure to consider a space for opening and closing the dishwasher door.

Features Extras Offer More Convenience in the Day Day

Brands are constantly investing in technology to make intelligent machines that help the user. So before you buy, see what are the extra features that the machine offers. They can greatly facilitate the process of washing and make you save time.

An additional function that almost all models feature is the vane lint filter. This filter retains the lint out of the clothes during washing, preventing laundry is full of hairs. Already the water reuse option allows you to reuse the water used for washing in other functions, such as washing the porch or car, for example.

Some models offer washing with hot water, which helps to remove heavier dirt. Another very useful feature is the comforter washing. In addition to bulky, the duvets are very heavy when wet. This function can ensure more efficiency in washing and spinning this type of item.

Wash the shoes on the machine can also really make your life easier. Thinking about it, some washing machines models have this option. But remember, it is important to remove the laces and insoles and wash them separately. To complete, more modern models have wi-fi connection that allows monitoring of the performance of your washing machine.

Who indications tested and approved

Before going to the ranking of the top 10 washing machines, check the directions of MyBest partners: experts and bloggers that indicate products tested and approved by them. Do not miss!

Top 10 Best Engines Washing Clothes Buy Online

Now you understand that washing machines are complex products and with different characteristics, is not it? To further help in choosing, we set up a ranking of the top 10 products on the market. We also have what the average prices and indicate where to find them. Check out!

Table Comparison of the Best Washing Machines Clothes

Washing machine 11kg BWK11

Washing machine 8,5kg Turbo Economy LAC09

Washing machine 16kg CWL16AB

Washer 11kg Prime Touch LED WM11WPS6

Dry Washing Machine & 11kg WD11K

Washing machine 10kg Lavete Intense ML60

Washing machine 11kg BWJ11AB

Washing machine & WD1014RD Dry Top Gun (A) 14kg 7

Washing machine 13kg Lavamax Eco LE1301PT

Washing machine 6kg Semiautomatic LCM

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The washing machine came to facilitate our daily lives. However, choosing the right model can scare if you are unsure about the product’s features. Now that you have checked our tips for sure is more than able to make the right choice.

But do not worry, whenever you have any questions, please consult our article and remember what are the essential features when buying a washing machine. Good bargain!