Top 10 Best Buy Blinds For In 2020

Top 10 Best Buy Blinds for in 2020

You are looking for curtains for the living room or bedroom, but do not know where to start? Rest assured that we prepared a few tips to help you choose the best piece for you and your home, considering many factors that make a difference in their day to day.

At the end, you will be able to make a great buy with the best value for money. In addition, you will also know the most popular products in this category through our ranking with the top 10 curtains of the market. We will leave their beautiful home? Find out more below!

How to Choose the Best Cortina

Before choosing a curtain, it is important to check details such as window size, type of curtain, and more. Below we will explain everything you need to know to choose the ideal model. Check out!

Before Everything Check Measures Window

Top 10 Best Buy Blinds For In 2020

The first step is to check the measurements of your window to make a curtain to the ideal size. For those who like quite frown, for example, is indicated using curtains of 1.40 cm wide each half a meter rod or rail.

If this is not the case, simply measure the width and height of the window and compare with the curtain measures. And speaking of time, if you are looking for a long model for man of the ground cover, opt for curtains 2.60 or 2.80 cm. If you want to just cover the window, a curtain of up to 1.80 cm will suffice.

Remember that it is important to remain a space of at least 10 cm on each side of the window to ensure that the curtain will cover everything. The same goes for the length: 10 cm above and below are ideal window. And so the curtain does not drag on the ground, leave at least 0.5 cm distance between it and the floor!

Choose agreement with Light sealing Intensity

Depending on the curtain, the light intensity seal may change. Thicker models offer more privacy, while the finest provide more natural light. Learn more about the types of curtain down and choose the ideal model for you !!

Top 10 Best Buy Blinds For In 2020

The blackout curtains, also known as blackout, is ideal for preventing the passage of light to the external environment. They are made of thicker material, usually covered with thick polyester or plastic material, completely darkening the area.

This type of curtain provides more comfort and privacy to the user, as well as having a high sealing index of the external light, also prevents others from seeing what happens in the environment from the outside, even if the light is on.

Another advantage is that, according to some manufacturers, there are models with high UV protection, which is great not only for the health of users, but also for furniture and floors. But if you do not want to totally darken the room, there are semi-blackout models with up to 70% seal.

Top 10 Best Buy Blinds For In 2020

If you are looking for a product that slightly reduce the presence of external lighting in the environment, then a translucent curtain is ideal. Made with lightweight fabrics, it has a wide variety of colors and textures, easily matching the various rooms.

Being a translucent product, can not totally seal the clarity and even loss of vision outside the window. So it is important to be careful with where will be installed, giving preference to rooms where light input is not excessive.

There are several levels of thickness that vary according to the material used in manufacturing. Among them, voile is the thinnest and transparent. One tip is to integrate the two options, ie a blackout and another curtain sheer fabric in the same window. This way, you will have the advantages of both models.

Check Material and Hygiene shape Curtain

Top 10 Best Buy Blinds For In 2020

Before buying the curtain, it is very important to check the cooking material and the form of cleaning product to ensure that it conforms to what you seek. That’s because some products may not be washed in the machine, while others need to be passed after washing.

The blackout curtain models, for example, are usually made of PVC plastic. In general, it is not recommended to wash the material on machines, you may wrinkle easily. But rest assured that just pass a damp cloth to sanitize them and go!

Since the translucent curtains can be made of cotton, polyester, voile, among others. Cotton models crumple easily and therefore need to be passed carefully after washing. The polyester, in turn, hardly crumple and dry fast, the most popular market.

Choose Design and Agreement colors with Commodus Style

Decide the color and pattern or curtain according to the style of the room will make a difference in the final appearance, so pay attention when choosing. Here are great tips to make the best buying decision.

Top 10 Best Buy Blinds For In 2020

light, neutral colors like white, black and different shades of gray as well as undertones of other colors are easier to combine. So if you search for a more clean and soft environment, bet on them and avoid mistakes.

In general, light, neutral colors help make the wider environment and contribute to relaxation and is perfect for rooms. One tip is to observe what is the predominant neutral color of the room and choose a curtain of the same color. So you keep the balance without overloading the site.

If you want to let the more relaxed atmosphere and personality, a good option is to invest in curtains or prints with vivid colors. However, it is important to take care when choosing not to leave the heavy and without harmony room.

One tip is to choose colors that match the furniture, objects and other available accessories. In the case of patterned curtains, and choose a design that does not run away from the decoration, also check that the background color tone reminds some existing in the environment.

Now that you know all the important factors to purchase the ideal curtain, check our ranking with the top 10 curtains of the market now and guarantee your!

Table Comparison of Top Curtains

Blackout curtain fabric in

Curtain Jacquard Semi-Blackout

Curtain For Room Berlin

Micro fiber lining curtain Voil

Voil window curtain

Curtain Portinari Satin Amassadinho

Curtain Fabric Grosso Semi-Blackout

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Now that you know all about curtains, it was much easier to choose the right model, right? Remember to check the dimensions of your window as well as the size of the screen to ensure that the model will be appropriate.

Also, choose according to the intensity of the light seal and be sure to analyze the colors carefully, right? If you feel the need, go back and re-read our tips! And if you meet someone who is also in search of a new curtain, be sure to share our article. Good shopping!

by Samara Gisch Ferreira