Top 10 Best Bluetooth Keyboards

Top 10 Best Bluetooth keyboards to Buy in 2020 (Logitech, Multilaser and more)

A Bluetooth keyboard is ideal for those working with the most diverse devices such as computers and tablets. Moreover, as have no wires, it is easier to transport them. There are a variety of models on the market and brands like Logitech, Microsoft and Multilaser bring exceptional products.

But to buy one is necessary to observe some details such as the size and types of keys. That’s why we developed a tutorial with all the details that should be noted before choosing. We also build a list of the top 10 market Bluetooth keyboards. Choose yours!

How to Choose the Best Bluetooth keyboard

To choose a good Bluetooth keyboard is necessary to observe some details such as the size, type keys and if it has extra keys and multi-pairing. Furthermore, it is important to analyze the language standard, Bluetooth settings and the way of feeding. Find out more below!

Select the keyboard size Based on the Style of Use

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Keyboards To Buy In 2020 (Logitech, Multilaser And More)

In the case of Bluetooth wireless keyboards, it is very important to note its size. Everything will depend on the amount of keys: if it has the numeric keypad and sound, for example, will be higher. Thus, their transport from one location to another will become more difficult.

If you’re looking for a keyboard for transport, it is best to choose one that has, on average, 12 cm wide and 30 long. Another important point to consider is the size of the user’s hands. If they are too large, a small keyboard will probably bring discomfort. The opposite also happens.

Choose Agreement keyboard type with the keys Detection Method

There are three keyboard on the market: membrane, mechanical and semi-mechanical, differentiating the drive mode the keys. Meet the specifications of each one below!

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Keyboards To Buy In 2020 (Logitech, Multilaser And More)

Membrane keyboards are produced with a simple structure. As the name suggests, they have a silicone membrane or similar material that settles down all buttons. When one is triggered, the contact with the membrane sends the message to the computer.

This type of product is one of the cheapest in the market. On the other hand, it is a little weaker than the other types, they are not as accurate and may have a lower durability. But that does not mean that there are models of excellent quality!

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Keyboards To Buy In 2020 (Logitech, Multilaser And More)

The mechanical keyboard has keys with individual performance. When they are pressed trigger a mechanism called switch, ie a switch connected by a spring, and the signal is sent to the computer. There are switches of various colors, each with a different characteristic.

Mechanical keyboards are more accurate, so are suitable for gamers and users who need fast computer answers. Another advantage is the durability and can have a lifespan of up to 30 years. For all these qualities, it is a more expensive product than the other models.

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Keyboards To Buy In 2020 (Logitech, Multilaser And More)

The semi-mechanical keyboard is perfect for those who want a quality product, but with an intermediate cost. It works with the technology of membrane keyboard, but with the noise of the mechanics. There are also hybrid models where some of the WASD and arrow keys have mechanical drive.

Thus, this type of keyboard is designed for those who want a little more comfort and precision, but do not seek for a product as expensive as the mechanics. However, if you take the game seriously and writes a lot, you might want to invest a little more in a mechanical model.

Note the Language Standard and Extra Keyboard Keys

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Keyboards To Buy In 2020 (Logitech, Multilaser And More)

In Brazil, the ideal is that the keyboard is the standard AISI ABNT or 2, which is set to Portuguese. international models, such as English, have a keyboard arranged differently and do not bring some keys, such as c. But that does not mean that it can not be used.

Also, if you search for convenience, you may want to buy a product with certain shortcuts for day to day. There are models, for example, offering control of the audio and display brightness. Others, already bring shortcuts to games, being indispensable for those who play a lot.

Pay Attention Keyboard Range

In the case of Bluetooth products is essential to check the keyboard range. Some products may work up to 10 m away from the device, without sacrificing quick response. Others can run up through walls!

Thus, it is interesting to see what version of Bluetooth, which can vary between 1 and 5. The higher the number, the less interference will occur and the greater reach with the device. The ideal is to get a keyboard, at least with version 3.

Check What is the Battery Power Mode

It is also important to note that the keyboard is the power mode. Some models use AA alkaline batteries that can last up to 18 months according to use. Others have rechargeable battery that has just faster, but can be recharged by the outlet.

Opt for Bluetooth Keyboards with Extra Features

There are keyboards with extra features that can make the life of the most practical user, such as numeric keypad and touchpad, for those who do not want to have to load the mouse ever. In addition, the backlit keyboard is great for those who like to work at night, helping to see the keys.

Another important function for certain professionals is the keyboard with multi-pairing. He can connect with more than one computer or device at the same time making life easier for those who need to work with more than one screen.

The operating system must be compatible with the Device

Never forget to confirm whether the keyboard is compatible with the computer’s operating system, smartphone, tablet or other device you plan to use. Most models are compatible with Windows, iOS, Android and all operating systems, but as a precaution, it is always good to check.

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Keyboards

Now that you know how to choose the right product, it’s time to know the top 10 market Bluetooth keyboards. Check out!

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How to Choose an Ergonomic Keyboard?

That is a question that many do and it does not have a definitive answer. But you can see some details that can help when choosing. First, the keys must be maciais and have a spacing between them of at least 0.4 cm.

Furthermore, some models have different shapes with contours, for example. The goal is to accommodate the handles in order to offer more comfort to the user. Even so, there are models developed just for left-handed or right-handed. Thus, one can avoid future pain and problems.

See Our Other Indications Keyboards

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Choosing the ideal Bluetooth keyboard can be difficult, but perusing our guide and choosing one of our products listed, you will hardly miss. Always seek a product that meets their needs and, therefore, observe all the details commented.

The options are many, but only pay attention before making your choice. Bluetooth keyboard is the best on the list waiting for you! And if you know someone who is also looking for a Bluetooth keyboard, do not forget to share this text! Good shopping!