Top 10 Best Bluetooth Ear Headphones In 2020 (Jbl, Bose And More)

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Ear Headphones in 2020 (JBL, Bose and more)

Headphones with Bluetooth technology are more portable, practical and convenient. You can connect them in various devices, including your cell phone, be it Samsung, Motorola or iPhone. In addition, features such as resistance to water and sweat, built-in microphone, integrated control and even internal memory can make the experience even better.

There are great brands on the market such as Sony, Bose, JBL, Sennheiser and more. And do not think for being bluetooth, have a bad sound, there are many models that offer excellent sound quality. There are many options and can be difficult to know which is the best, is not it? For convenience, we explain how to choose your phone and made a ranking of the top 10 models on the market!

How to Choose the Best Bluetooth Headset

Some of the features that we take into consideration when buying a Bluetooth headset are: design, battery life, compatibility with many extra features and devices. Following are the main points you should keep in mind when choosing the ideal Bluetooth headset.

Choice-Based Design

The bluetooth headphones have basically four types of design with advantages and disadvantages according to how you intend to use them. We will list the most common types and present their features to make it easier to decide what the ideal model for you.

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Ear Headphones In 2020 (Jbl, Bose And More)

The monaural models are those that have only one audio output and not block both ears. Therefore, this type of handset lets you listen to all the sound around even during its use. It is ideal for situations where you need to be aware of the surroundings, such as at work and while driving. Because it contains only one piece, it is compact and easy to carry.

However, we must be aware that some models are only designed to receive and make calls, not being able to play music or listen to games, for example. In addition, it contains only an audio output, even models that reproduce music, will not offer a rich experience in terms of sound quality.

The models of the neckband type or cord have a wire and / or rigid support for the neck connecting the two phones. This feature helps prevent falls, damage and loss, giving greater security to carry out more vigorous movements while using the headphones. So it is the best type for sports, jogging, dancing and fitness.

For be directed to the most sports, many such models have water resistance and sweat. So to be able to train in the hot sun or in the rain listening to your favorite songs without worrying about your phone, choose headphones with water resistance.

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Ear Headphones In 2020 (Jbl, Bose And More)

The on-ear models or, in Portuguese, supra-ear, are those that are supported on the ears. Already over-ear models or circumaural headsets are those involving the ear as a whole. Both models are only slightly embedded in the head, it is not necessary to enter anything in your ears, so we tend to be more comfortable.

Headphones are more appropriate for use sitting or activities that do not require strenuous movements. Many models of these types can deliver excellent sound quality, with a resolution and even some spatiality. So, they are preferred by people who like to play video games or listen to good music. Are the options with longer battery life.

If using an over-ear model on the street, choose options open design because they will allow you to hear better the sounds around you. But be careful! open headphones also leave out a little of what you’re listening to.

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Ear Headphones In 2020 (Jbl, Bose And More)

These are the latest models in the market and its main feature is that the left and right headphones are completely independent. This makes them much more discreet and elegant, as to use them is not necessary to be unwinding yarn and which can be easily hidden by long hair or the hood of a jacket, for example.

How are the kind that fit into your ear, some models can cause discomfort. Therefore, the ideal is to choose options that come with various sizes of eartips, which are the rubber bands that fit into the ear. In addition, the battery of these models tend to have a shorter range. Therefore, it may be necessary to always walk with a charger.

Check Battery Life Time

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Ear Headphones In 2020 (Jbl, Bose And More)

Imagine if your phone off in the middle of an important meeting? Or the music stops at the height of his run on the treadmill? Super boring, right? This may end up happening because the bluetooth headphones need to be loaded with some frequency. To avoid problems, check the battery life time, that is, how he can function before downloading.

Generally, the batteries last 5-10 hours, but there are already models that guarantee up to 30 hours without charging function! Before you buy, think on your need and choose a model that will not let you down when it matters most!

Check the compatibility of your Phone with Various Types of Apparatus

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Ear Headphones In 2020 (Jbl, Bose And More)

While most Bluetooth headphone models promise compatibility with iOS operating systems from Apple or Android. It is advisable to check if the phone you wish to buy is compatible with your device before making the purchase. Also check that the version of iOS and Android your device is recommended for the use of the chosen handset.

In addition, you must be alert bluetooth version. Currently, most phones use the Bluetooth version 4.1 or 4.2. It is the most modern of the market and make sound transmission is quickly and with fewer failures. However, to guarantee a good connection, the device to which you will connect your phone must have Bluetooth with version equal to or greater than your handset.

Prefer models with functions and Extras Ensure more Practicality

There are various models of Bluetooth phones that do more than just play sound. The most common extra feature is the built-in microphones that can be found in almost all models and provide the ability to communicate during calls or games, for example.

Another function that can be very useful in day-to-day, are the intelligent controls by voice or touch. Some models allow you to start, move or pause music; perform, answer, end, and reject calls; increase and decrease the volume; and more, by tapping the phone surface or by voice command. It seems movie thing, but it’s true!

In addition, there are also those with memory to store music and audio files on the phone itself and those with cancellation of external noise. Amazing, is not it? So when choosing a Bluetooth headset, not just stay in the basics. Check also other technological practicalities that your phone can offer!

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Headset to Buy Online

Now that you’ve seen the main points that must take into consideration when buying your Bluetooth headset, we’ll list the 10 best options on the market!

Comparison table of the Best Bluetooth Headphones

Headphone WH-1000XM2 com Noise Cancelling

SoundSport Free Truly Wireless

Headset Bluetooth Motorola HK 115

Take care with the volume Your Phone

If you like listening to music loud to really feel in a music show, watch the volume. It is important to dose the volume of your headset. Long hours of sound at high volume can damage your hearing and your hearing.

It is not recommended hear sound above 80 decibels. Also, listen for more than eight hours, even within the recommended volume, can cause damage and even permanent consequences such as constant tinnitus and reduced hearing sensitivity. Most headphones have good sound capability and some even regulate or warn if the sound is above recommended.

There are so many options that you can get lost, but with the above tips think you’ve managed to decide, is not it?

We list the main points you should take into consideration and present amazing models for you. We hope this article has facilitated your life and you will be pleased to buy your next bluetooth headset.