Top 10 Best Bleaches

Top 10 Best Bleaches to Buy in 2020 (Yama, Amend and more)

Do hair changes is very common to raise self-esteem, but when comes to procedures that require the hair salon is discolored, care must be redoubled to not end up with damaged hair. So we created this guide with tips for buying the perfect bleaching.

Brands like Yama, Forever Liss and Alfaparf offer great products but to decided which one is right for you you need to check the whitening power of the product, even if he has treatment agents. To help you choose, we select the top 10 bleaches the market and set up a Top 10. Check!

Age as a Hair Bleach?

Top 10 Best Bleaches To Buy In 2020 (Yama, Amend And More)

You already know that bleaches are essential in order to clear the locks, but you know how they work?

The bleaching powder, together with oxygenated water or ammonia, acts capillary opening scales in a process that is essential for removing hair pigment. This process ends up making the hair also lose hydration. That is why it is common that the hair is damaged after discoloration.

So, although they are indispensable products for some procedures, you must use them carefully and choose the right product to avoid damaging the threads. In this article we will show you everything you should know before buying. Here we go?

How to Choose the Best Bleach

To choose the best hair bleaching is necessary to check the power of lightening and the composition of the product. We will teach you how to do everything below it. Check out!

To ensure the Desired Effect Check the Power Whitening Product

Top 10 Best Bleaches To Buy In 2020 (Yama, Amend And More)

The bleaching power of the bleaching powder is reported in tones or levels and can range from 5 to 10 tons, and the higher the number, the clearer you can let your hair with this product.

To choose the right for you is important to consider the desired effect and the current color of the wires. The darker your hair will be more difficult to leave it super clear. So, if you are brunette and want a platinum hair, probably the best indication is a product that lighten up to 10 levels.

If you already have blond hair or just want to open a little the color of your wires, power products with whitening 5 or 7 tones are already enough.

Prefer products that not Raise Powder

Top 10 Best Bleaches To Buy In 2020 (Yama, Amend And More)

The bleach is usually a very thin powder that can be dispersed easily, entering the eyes or airways, or simply doing most dirt. Therefore, most bleaching powders have the technology dust free, which avoids raising dust.

However, there are still products that do not have this technology. So keep an eye out and check it before purchase.

Give preference to that Bleaches Be Beneficial substances in Composition

Top 10 Best Bleaches To Buy In 2020 (Yama, Amend And More)

Some bleaches are simple and have no hair care components in their formula. These products can be used to discolor the body, for example, but the hair is always good to give preference to those who have beneficial substances.

Some substances such as keratin, aloe vera and argan oil are common in good bleaching and help protect the hair during treatment. Prefer these products especially if your hair is already damaged or gone through some chemical procedure.

Make sure the Product Account with Technology Anti Yellowing

Top 10 Best Bleaches To Buy In 2020 (Yama, Amend And More)

The technology of anti yellowing is usually indicated on the product packaging. It is essential for those who want to reach a very clear blond or platinum, or simply want to avoid that ugly yellow.

Products that are anti yellowing usually have powder blue because the color blue has the effect of neutralizing yellow colors according to the color wheel.

For Home Use or Hall? Choose Agreement of Product Quantity to Use

Most brands offer the option to purchase the product in single-use sachets or in pots that can be up to 1 kg of bleaching powder.

The right option for you will depend on the use you make of the product. If you are the owner of a salon, it is best to bet on larger packages. However, if you want to apply the product just for you, the ideal is to prefer smaller volumes.

The single use sachets usually have 20g or 30g. If your hair is long and you want to bleach it completely, it may take up to 4 sachets, but to make fuses or if you have short hair, usually 1 or 2 sachets are sufficient.

Top 10 Best Hair Bleaches

Now that you know what are the main points to consider when choosing a good bleaching powder, we will show you the top 10 market. Check out!

Comparison table of the Best Hair Bleaches

Bleach Bleach BB High Lift Powder

Power Bleach Blond Platinum Powder

Buriti Wicks Bleach Powder

Bleaching Powder Professional Keratin

Bleaching Powder Aloe Vera

Blondor Multi-Blonde Powder

Bleaching Powder Herbs and Proteins

Bleaching Powder Ultra Fast Active

Bleaching powder germ Wheat

Bleach Diamond Dust

How to Make Mecha Test and Allergy Test

Whenever you use a new chemical in the hair is needed mecha and allergy testing. In the case of bleaching powder, to make these tests, first stir a small amount of bleach with water-oxygenated, remembering that the more volume the water-hydrogen peroxide, the greater the bleaching.

For strand test separate a thin strand of hair, hidden preference, and apply the product. Let stand for 30 minutes and rate results.

For the allergy test, rub a little of the mixture behind the ear and wrist and wait 24 hours. If after 24 hours to present redness, burning or itching discontinue use immediately.

See also Products to Moisturize His Wires After Discoloration

After discoloration is important to nourish and hydrate the wires. Therefore, we recommend that you also see our indications treatment masks and oils for hair. Just click on the links below and check it out!

Now that you’ve read our entire article is certainly prepared to choose the best bleach to you. Do not forget to evaluate the power of lightening and composition. In our ranking there are options for professionals and you discolor your tresses in the same house. Choose your logo!

If you have any questions, come back here. Good luck!