Top 10 Best Asus Notebooks

Top 10 Best ASUS Notebooks to Buy in 2020 (Vivobook, Zenbook and more)

If you are buying a laptop will come across models of ASUS as Vivobook and the Zenbook. Present in much of the world, ASUS offers in Brazil equipment with various specifications and directed to many different uses. There are from the most basic to the running state of the art games.

It’s great to have so many choices, but who goes shopping may find it difficult to define the best model that matches your desires. To help in the choice we made a ranking of the top 10 ASUS notebooks considering from the popular handsets, even the most expensive and sophisticated. Check out our directions and choose your own!

How to Choose the Best Notebook ASUS

There are many models of laptops ASUS! Processor, memory and storage capacity, screen resolution and video card are important characteristics when choosing. To help you, we raise important information and made a ranking of the best options in the market. Check out!

Choose series More Suitable for your Goal

ASUS currently has three main series: vivobook, Zenbook and gaming. hardware settings and price ranges have huge differences. Discover the advantages, disadvantages and differences between them below.

This series has very light models available in various colors. Its 15-inch screen has ultra-thin frame, only 5.7 mm. Models available with Celeron processor, Intel i5 and i7, and an excellent sound system. Ideal for surfing the internet, watching videos, movies and series.

The notebook’s keyboard has a slight slope, which lets more ergonomic. Prices are more affordable than models of other series from ASUS, and are still easy to carry equipment, super suitable for day to day.

The Zenbook series is marketed worldwide. The Zenbook is a notebook computer with an Intel i7, very thin (only 15 mm), very slight (only 1 kg), compact (14-inch screen) and elegant with metal finish. Ideal for carrying in a backpack to work.

There is also the Zenbook Pro, with 14 or 15 inch screen and large screenpads with various functions. The Zenbook Pro offers even better processor than the Zenbook, intel i7 or i9. In addition to browsing the Internet, supports online gaming and image and video editors.

ASUS gamers notebooks are thinner and have a beautiful unique design, with light and backlit keyboard bar. Also, they have intelligent cooling and are very sturdy. ASUS gaming series offers three models to choose from.

For those who will run light games, the recommendation is the “FX Series”, cheaper and with lower resolution graphics. There is also the “TUF Series Gaming” with average performance, and “ROG Series”, the most powerful, suitable for who will play heavy games.

The processor Dita the Computer Speed

Observe the notebook processor is key when buying. ASUS has models that use processors such as Intel Celeron and Intel Core i3, i5, i7 and i9. Of these the i9 is the most advanced, while the Celeron is best suited for simple tasks such as surfing the internet and use social networks.

The processor should be chosen depending on how you will use the notebook. If it is not run very heavy programs, i3 well meet your needs. But if it is the case, for example, editing videos and photos, the option should be for a better processor, i5, i7 or even i9.

RAM, HD and SSD vary between models

Top 10 Best Asus Notebooks To Buy In 2020 (Vivobook, Zenbook And More)

The speed of the programs is linked to RAM. Some notebooks come with 4GB of RAM, enough for heavy tasks. In this case, ideally at least 8GB of RAM. The RAM has nothing to do with the space to store files and programs. This is related to the storage (HD).

ASUS notebooks come with hard drives ranging from 500GB to 2TB. If you store small files 500GB is enough, but if it’s videos, the ideal is 2TB. Today there is also the SSD, an evolution of HD. Models that come with this feature are more expensive, but tend to be faster as well.

A Good Video Card is Important for Editors, Graphics and Games

For many people it is essential to have a notebook that operate more than basic tasks. They are people who also want to deal with graphics programs, videos and online games of the new generation. This requires that the machine has a good video card.

Most notebooks come with integrated graphics card, ideal for basic tasks and to watch movies. As for editors heavy videos as well as games with higher resolution, they are recommended notebooks with dedicated graphics cards. There are several models on the market, including, for editing 3D videos.

Between the plates of ASUS notebooks are set from the AMD Radeon R7 (modest), through the Intel HD Graphics 620 and UHD600 (intermediate), up to 3 models of Geforce card: GTX1050 (modest) GTX 1660TI (intermediate) and RTX 2060 (High performance). The latter for heavy gaming and video editor.

Prefer a notebook with screen and Appropriate weight to your Day to Day

Top 10 Best Asus Notebooks To Buy In 2020 (Vivobook, Zenbook And More)

The way you use the notebook must set the machine’s weight and size of the screen. If you carry it much, opt for a lighter model, around 1 kg. But if you use it at home, then no problem to weigh 2 kg or more.

The fabric choice will depend on the type of task to be performed on the device. Operate videos and design programs, for example, ask for a larger screen. About image quality, some models support high resolution (Full HD).

Do not forget that a 13 to 14-inch display, it is easier to carry. But if it is to use the equipment more often at home, so you can choose notebooks with screens ranging from 15 to 17 inches.

Notebook entries are Important for Connecting Devices

Top 10 Best Asus Notebooks To Buy In 2020 (Vivobook, Zenbook And More)

So you can connect other devices and devices such as flash drives and smartphones, it is necessary that your notebook has the appropriate entries. Most come with USB 2.0 ports, but there are devices with inputs types of USB 3.0 and USB-C, faster data transmission.

Ideally, the notebook comes with three USB ports. But the models also tend to bring inputs to HDMI cable and ear buds, used to connect to a TV. Some notebooks can also count memory and input card readers for internet cable.

Top 10 Best ASUS Notebooks

Now, following our tips, you already have a good idea about what to look for when buying a notebook Asus. We will give you extra help and present a ranking of the top 10 models in the market. The analysis took into account not only the product quality but also the price. Check out!

Top 10 Best Asus Notebooks To Buy In 2020 (Vivobook, Zenbook And More)
Top 10 Best Asus Notebooks To Buy In 2020 (Vivobook, Zenbook And More)

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We hope we have helped you to better understand the notebooks from ASUS. They are sophisticated devices and produced by one of the most reputable companies in this industry in the world. With our tips now easier to choose the best equipment for your needs.

So do not lose more time. Use our advice to go shopping. Be sure to check out the top 10 with the best ASUS notebooks to choose your own! We hope to do a great deal. And enjoy and also share the site with your friends, we are sure you will love!

by Claudine dos Reis Moreira